Martin Murphy is a international coach, trainer and writer specialising in peak performance, personal development and organisational effectiveness. He has a rich reservoir of experiences to draw upon and a broad foundation of personal research and insights to share with clients.

Martin is a former Special Forces soldier and international security consultant. Martin’s interest and insights into human behaviour originated when helping clients in the airline industry, understand the mindsets and strategies of terrorists and drug smugglers. He trained teams around the world to effectively combat these threats in the commercial world.

Then he took a change of direction, firstly by achieving a degree in Environmental Studies and then studying other modalities which capitalise on the neuroscience research into mindfulness and peak performance psychology.


From a very early age Simon Montgomery has loved to be involved in teams, this mainly comes from his love of sport (he has played rugby for Northampton RUFC and still plays cricket for the MCC) but as time went on he realised there was more to his motivation than just the sport itself.

He got (and still gets) huge amounts of joy from helping others develop, reach goals and enjoy their chosen sport. So when he realised that his dream of becoming a long term professional sportsman was not going to materialise as he thought, he found himself taking a career path that lead him to improving other people’s lives. Whether that be helping a world class golfer improve their environment (when he ran golf management business) or placing a marketing director in their dream job (he co-founded an award winning recruitment agency), his key source of satisfaction remained the same.

This deep rooted ‘driver’ that is inherent in him is what makes Simon so passionate about what evolve will do for organisations and individuals. He truly believes that helping to develop an environment that creates sustained success will be hugely rewarding for both our clients (most importantly) and also for the team at Evolve.